Suzy’s Story

Meet Suzy Mizinski, a 32 year old Michigan native and long time member of the InkAddict family. Suzy was diagnosed with stage 2b breast...

10 Intricate Mandala-Inspired Tattoos

As trending tattoos often show up, whether it be in your Instagram Feeds or locally in a shop you visit, you have to admit, there's been a surge of...
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15 Patriotic Tattoos That Make You Say “AMERICA!”

As a leader in identifying some of the most gnarly and awesome tattoos out there, we came across the perfect idea for the 4th and located some of the best patriotic tattoos we could find, from back pieces with multi-tier elements, to "We the People" script.

Parry Chotipradit

Not only does InkAddict have the opportunity to work with exceptionally talented artists but we have the privilege of calling them friends! We had...

2016 Motor City Tattoo Expo

Last week the crew partied it up in our hometown tattoo convention at the Motor City Tattoo Expo. We set up shop as always but we had a little extra...