Suzy’s Story

Meet Suzy Mizinski, a 32 year old Michigan native and long time member of the InkAddict family. Suzy was diagnosed with stage 2b breast...

Artist Spotlight | Trixeyart: Imported From The UK | InkAddict

Like a nice cup of Tea, the talent takes steeping, and Ricky, otherwise known as Trixeyart, has done just that with his work. Hailing from the U.K. and being a treasured import to the tattoo scene in the U.S., he feels now that he's finally come into his own, and it shows, both in what work he is proud of, and how many residencies he's had within the last few in multiple states and countries.

Leave Your Mark At Chill On The Hill With Emmanuel Mendoza!

Emmanuel Mendoza is an painter and tattoo artist hailing from the Ironclad Tattoo Co. shop in Troy, MI, who will be contributing to InkAddict's Leave Your Mark wall at this year's Chill On The Hill event, September 30, 2016, presented by 89x.