13 Horror Inspired & Unlucky Tattoos For Friday The 13!

I’m sure you’ve got tons of people on your friends list looking for shops doing $13 tattoos for Friday the $13 (or someone trolling about the fact that shops do Friday the 13th tattoos). 

Whichever side of the spectrum you are on, you’ve got to admit that some of the tattoos you can get that are horror inspired, unlucky numbers, or just all out sick tattoos are great to get on any day, especially Friday the 13. So in celebration of such things, not only are there 13 sick tattoos to fuel your “ink”spiraton, we’re also having a “$13 & $31 Sale!”

$13 for tees, $31 for hoodies. Maybe Friday the 13 is lucky after all! 

See the items for sale by clicking here. 

Check out the ink below:



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