Parry Chotipradit Owner & Tattoo

Artist out of “Lucky Bird Tattoo & Piercing

Annapolis, MD

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Parry is an award-winning artist with his work published in magazines around the world. Parry is best known for his large scale, unique, creative illustrative style. He enjoys creating characters, illustrating animals and caricatures of people. Pretty much anything he can put his twist to and create a world within a piece, Parry will put his signature on it. If you live out of town you can always catch up with him at your local tattoo convention.


David Tevenal

Tattoo Artist out of “Sacred” and “Memento Tattoo & Gallery

NYC // Columbus, Ohio

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Dave’s work is influenced by Contemporary Art, Americana, and Japanese tattoos. Dave not only solidified a reputable name worldwide for his tattoo work but also his 2d illustrations. When he’s not slaying tattoos, he is always willing to give advice to any artist trying to take their craft tot he next level. He starts each new project on a case by case basis, and tend to stay within his style range. Dave normally books out about three months in advance.


Vince Villalvazo

Owner & Tattoo Artist out of “Mystic Owl Tattoo

Atlanta, GA

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Vince Villalvazo began his professional tattoo career in the suburbs of Detroit. Although he loved Michigan, he felt the desire to expand; Atlanta became his new home in 2008 and in August 2011 he opened Mystic Owl Tattoo with his wife Tara. Vince is sought after for his bold lines and bright colors. Vince forte is creating nature-inspired tattoos with an illustrative organic and eerie feel; something that has continuity.




Kyle Cotterman


Owner & Tattoo Artist out of “Distinction Tattoo


Dayton, OH


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Kyle specializes in vivid color realism while juxtaposing surrealistic and characterized elements into his work. He’s won several prestiges awards worldwide including awards from Hell City, Liverpool UK, and Evian France. In addition to his tattoo work he is truly able to bring to life his subject with color pencil on paper. Kyle has done two designs with InkAddict and created the artwork for the first InkAddict skateboard.



 Ron Russo (Ron 570)

Owner & Tattoo Artist out of “5-7-0 Tattooing Co.

Wilkes-Barre, PA

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Ron aka Ron 570 is one of the top horror tattoo artists in the world. He focuses mainly in color realism with a twist of dark imagery coming through the majority of his pieces. His talent has been recognized all over the globe allowing him to have his work published in numerous publications including the masters of horror tattoo book, Diabolico.




Phil Garcia


Owner & Tattoo Artist out of “Ink Philler Studios


Port Hueneme, California


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Phil is known worldwide for his tattoo realism specializing in, but definitely not limited to, vivid flowers and portraiture. He has won several awards including “Best of Day” Saturday and Sunday at the Arizona Skin Expo and 1st place for “Best Realistic” at the Los Angeles Body Art Expo. Phil is truly able to bring to life the subject of his work through his vivid color palette and high contrast.