Bambu Jessica

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Bambu is an accomplished international model as well as a T.V personality on many networks. She is constantly touring the nation as an elite fire performer, lighting up any stage she can be found on. Bambu is a very spiritual and inspires anybody she crosses paths with.



Adam Centeno


Mount Clemens, MI


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Adam has been a member of the InkAddict Family for the past 2 years. Born in California, living in MI, Adam brings the west coast vibe to everything he does. Whether it’s modeling, working, spending time with his family, or socializing, Adam’s personality remains positive and easy going.

Gypsy Grace

Charlotte, NC

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Gypsy is a proud member of the InkAddict Nation, whose personality can light up a room weather she is working a camera or talking business. Gypsy has her heart set on representing the industry in a positive light. ” I am a freelance, published tattoo model. I’m originally from Tampa, FL. “I am laid back, down to earth, quick witted and charming at times :)”


JJ Velasquez


San Diego, CA


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One of our newest Ambassadors, JJ has started working with us and immediately impressed everybody here at InkAddict. As a represented model for years, JJ knew exactly what we were looking for from our Ambassador’s, and continues to deliver. He is also a competitive boxer, who takes the sport as seriously as his lifestyle. And ladies, if you are lucky enough, he may even cook you a gourmet meal or two!

Robyn Barnsdale

Ferndale, MI

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A true badass, Robyn hails from Britain and currently resides in the Mitten. She is a internationally published model by day, and a bartender / party starter at night.


Robbie Putnam


Chester, NH


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You may think that all models are just another pretty face, but Robbie absolutely puts that ideology into the ground. He not only admits, but embraces the fact that he has a weird side and wouldn’t want it any other way. As a recovering addict, Robbie is living proof that anybody can overcome the hardships life throws at us.

Shannon Sumner

Las Angeles, CA

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Shannon is not only a talented model, but a phenomenal make-up artist as well. She is a hard worker, who enjoys spending time on any art related projects, or traveling to try out new things. Shannon is also addicted to coffee, spicy food, and working out. Be sure to keep any eye out for her in the modeling world.


Ryan Wreckless


Las Vegas, NV


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Ryan grew up in the Punk and Hardcore scene in Northern MI. “Between that and my grandfather’s Navy Tattoos I Was hooked. But I was smart and waited till I was 18. Started my first tattoo. My upper arm. My scare crow man Misfit tattoo. Then the addiction was started. By the time I was 21 and about to move to Las Vegas, I had a sleeve, my chest, lower stomach, my thigh, sides of my legs, toes and some other small tattoos.”