March 3-5 is one of the most extravagant parts of Detroit’s Tattoo Scene with the Motor City Tattoo Expo!

“For more than two decades, the Motor City Tattoo Expo has attracted tattoo enthusiasts from around the world,” shares Motor City Tattoo Expo’s Facebook Page, and they aren’t wrong! For the last 6 years (at least), InkAddict has been a part of the yearly festivities, and this will be the third year that InkAddict is a featured sponsor of the event. It also happens to be the only convention that InkAddict sponsors in Michigan. That is because of the strong bond between Eternal Ink and InkAddict over the years. 

“Eternal has been a great partner. We are very loyal to them and wouldn’t support another tattoo convention in Michigan unless Eternal was behind it,” shares Jim Doyon, Co-Owner of InkAddict. “Motor City Tattoo Convention is one of the most respected conventions in the country. Not to mention, it’s in our own backyard. So to see all our local friends come support, and to have all our friends in the industry that we’ve met throughout the years come hang out in Detroit, makes for a really good time.”

Each year, InkAddict showcases their new spring line, and Doyon says he’s stoked for local friends to get a chance to give some feedback on what their favorite new designs are. 

When it comes to conventions for tattooing, Motor City Tattoo Convention shows off multiple artists that specialize in Traditional, Realism, Script, Black and Gray, New School and Old School. The event also has tattoo based products, competitions for artists and tattoo lovers to enter, as well as being landscaped in one of the best sight seeing, party towns of the U.S. – what’s not to love?

The fun doesn’t end there, because the InkAddict Flagship will also play host to the Rebel Muse Tattoo Crew (Liz Cook, David Mushaney and Cookie) the day after the convention, as well as many other artists popping in to say hello throughout the weekend. Who knows who you’ll run into!

And because we know you’ll be feigning for more ink therapy in the summertime, Motor City / Eternal Ink will be hosting the 1st Annual Summer Motor City Tattoo Expo, which will also be held at The Renaissance Center / GM Headquarters, August 18-20. 

RSVP to the Expo by visiting the event page here, stop by the booth, check out the line, Leave Your Mark on our IA mannequin, and be sure to tag your photos sporting IA using the hashtag #MyInkAddict from the weekend!

Amy Cooper is a photographer and journalist from the Detroit area, interested in ink, music, and lifestyle. Drop her a line on social media at @acronymdetroit!

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