1. So tell us about yourself?

A. I was born & raised just north of Tampa Florida on a horse ranch. I have been an artist my whole life.


2. What drew you to art, and led you to become the artist you are today?

A. Being a messed up teen got me consumed into art more than ever.



3. You have a brilliant new school style, was this something you always had a knack for, or develop the skills over time?

A. I have always wanted to be the next Lisa Frank since I was little and stared at my trapper keeper, I refuse to die until this goal is achieved.


4. In terms of being a tattoo artist, what was the most difficult challenge you had to overcome when you first started?

A. Being a woman! No one wanted to teach me 16 yrs ago. It was hard I had to put up with a lot & work my toosh off to prove I could hold my own.


5. Do you have any accomplishments this year that your are particularly proud of?

A. I wish, prob the worst year of my life personally. I moved back to Philadelphia to start my life over solo at 34 yrs old But now it’s time to shine brighter than ever, life situations may knock you down but they make you stronger. New chapter. Time to murder s&@t

6. We can imagine you must be excited for Europe next year, do you have any other plans for 2016?

A.  I am beyond excited, I plan on doing a ton more shows especially over sees after this new chapter in life. I am finishing up a new sketchbook & have some interesting new shirts coming out.


7. Aside from tattooing, what other hobbies or activities to you get into?

A. I love to adventure, abandoned buildings, state parks, sucker for waterfalls & springs, nude beaches, cities, museums & corky foods in major cities.

Inked: Kristel Oreto from Michael Bou-Nacklie on Vimeo.


8. Random question, who is your favorite character of all time and why?

A. Prob rainbow bright, lucky brat got a unicorn!


9. Lastly, where can our followers learn more about the amazing Kristel Oreto & where you will be?

A. Kristeloreto.com, IG/twitter/snapchat.

I love seeing fans at shows, come say hi! Don’t ever be shy!


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