Meet Suzy Mizinski, a 32 year old Michigan native and long time member of the InkAddict family. Suzy was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer June of 2014 and she is one of the 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Over half of those survivors, including Suzy, have had a mastectomy to help ensure their survival.

Many of the women who undergo these mastectomies decide to turn to reconstructive surgery after they win the fight. Unfortunately, a lot of these women don’t realize that tattoos are also an option.

“Last year InkAddict teamed up with P.INK and Inked Magazine to raise awareness about mastectomy tattoos. The goal was to select a breast cancer survivor and help her reclaim a sense of control long after a mastectomy. We achieved that goal and are looking to help even more survivors this year.”

– InkAddict co-owner Nathan Martin



InkAddict is honored to be sponsoring Suzy’s upcoming mastectomy tattoo that will be performed by internationally recognized artist, Kyle Cotterman. We are even more thrilled to be able to take you on this journey with us! During Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October you will learn more about Suzy and her story, breast cancer, Kyle, and how tattooing can be an important part of recovery for a lot of survivors. On November 7th we will have live updates of Suzy’s tattoo procedure. So stay tuned, spread the word, and show Suzy the support she deserves.

“It is closure, for sure. It signifies that light at the end of the tunnel, that at times…I didn’t know was there. This tattoo is an honor. Not only for closure, but for awareness. If I can help just one person, just one…that would make a world of difference. But, this tattoo means that I did it! I beat cancer!”

– Suzy Mazinski



For more information on the new PINK products and how you can be a part of giving women mastectomy tattoos next year, please visit here.

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