We started in 2007 and each year since we have grown into the brand we are today. We owe so much of that growth to our customers, artists, models, musicians, photographers, athletes, and supporters. We are honored to represent a culture that so many awesome people can connect to. 2015 was a big year for us and was the year we kicked off the official InkAddict Nation. With this program we are able to see our supporters involvement with the brand and we are excited to announce some of the top InkAddict supporters of 2015.

For more info on how to join the InkAddict Nation please visit here.



Hope Arndt (and the fam)

Hope and her family have been fans of InkAddict for the past few years now, and frequently check in with us and provide feedback, ideas, and awesome pictures! We love the level of interaction and excitement Hope brings us every time we get the pleasure of speaking with her. Thank you for all the support Hope, you rock!


Travis Brown

Tattoo Artist out of Aces High Tattoo

Lake Worth, FL

Click For our interview with Travis

Travis has been a pleasure to work with, having released 2 designs with us in addition to one of our favorite contests of the year. He is an extremely talented artist, dedicated family man, and all around awesome human!

Farrah Demorte

Cherry Hill, NJ

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Farrah was one of our first models who registered for the InkAddict Nation, as has participated in every campaign since it’s start. Farrah is not only one of our go to models for new products, she utilizes all of her social channels to spread the word about InkAddict and any promotions we run. Aside from being a kickass Ambassador, Farrah is also a singer, hairstylist, and INKed Model.

Jason Keomany

Owner of Visual.Soul Photography

Detroit, MI

Click for Portfolio

Jason is a Detroit photographer who started off submitting photos to InkAddict on his own time, we took notice and thought he was a perfect fit for our brand and the lifestyle we encompass. Jason is known for his work with the tattooed model community of Detroit, and after a few product shoots, worked his way to becoming InkAddict’s resident photographer.


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  1. Tania Ann Monica

    I am a model and I would love to represent Ink Addict. I love your clothes and style. To hopefully become a new, fresh face for the brand would mean the world to me!


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